Oscars 2011

Approaching the two-year anniversary of Tim's tragic death in Misrata covering the risings of the Arab Spring, Sebastian Junger, his close friend and co-director of their Oscar-nominated Restrepo has created an extraordinary documentary of his friend's life.
It's the biggest night in Hollywood, when all the stars are dressed to the nines. But what does it take to find the perfect
Her ensemble was a perfect follow up to the release of her new movie "Smashed" and her fabulous cover for ELLE's October
What do you think about your competition? It's very, very stiff competition, and I admire them all greatly. I love Mark Bridges
How did you got started in costume design? I used to do photography and I was keen on that, so I went to this theater and
Oscar prognosticating is a hard habit to break. Sure enough, I stumbled across the SAG and DGA awards results this morning, and much like finding that emergency cigarette stashed in your winter coat's breast pocket, I couldn't help lighting up.
The controversial exit of actor Eddie Murphy as host of the 84th Academy Awards has left much of Hollywood speculating over
Warrior is, above all, an emotionally engaging and uncommonly thoughtful family drama. It rises above most in its genre by refusing to pit 'good' against 'evil' and by refusing to pander to our lowest emotional denominator.
"In the grand scheme of things, I got to have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," she tells Harpers. "I met great people, wore
Tom Hooper is going back in time. Once again. Will he find more gold? For more on the new project, click over to Deadline