OSHA is moving to take over the state’s program because it appears “unable or unwilling” to keep workers safe.
The rule through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration would have applied to an estimated 84 million workers.
The justices allowed a separate vaccine rule covering millions of health care workers to take effect.
OSHA repealed most of an emergency rule meant to protect nurses and other workers from COVID. Labor groups call it a huge mistake.
The Biden administration's new rule will require unvaccinated workers to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test each week.
OSHA officials warned South Carolina, Arizona and Utah that they will take over enforcement if the states don’t implement new health care safety regulations.
The agency said Foundation Food Group committed deadly safety lapses that led to the deadly liquid nitrogen leak in January.
Around the state, workers said they lacked air conditioning and sufficient breaks as the Pacific Northwest shattered temperature records.
Worker advocates say the CDC's new guidance on face masks puts employees in an awkward and unsafe position.
Tiny fines. Few inspections. No new regulations. Experts say the agency entrusted with protecting workers has been AWOL amid a historic crisis.