Oskar Schindler

State Sen. Dan Bishop, who faces Democrat Dan McCready in a special election, used an Oskar Schindler analogy to characterize his advocacy against gay rights.
Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning masterpiece hits the big screen again in December.
The property was used to employ 1,200 Jews during World War II.
By CLAYTON HASWELL Host, OurPaths,com In 2015, the Taiwanese government that once censured him sent a letter of commendation
Forgetting man's past atrocities or ignoring those happening, now, today, in too many places around the world, is both callous and short-sighted. That is bad enough. But it's equally hazardous to ignore the astonishing and perilous acts of human courage that negate, undo, reverse the violence and uphold our rights and dignity as humans.
(c)2013 The Frederick News-Post (Frederick, Md.) Silber said she remembered stepping into a truck on the road to Krakow and
The Nazis' meticulous record-keeping stopped only when Jews and other victims were herded into gas chambers. Boehling is
Jarda Nehybka never thought he'd have a wife and two tow-headed toddlers, not at this age, 69.
Today, Oskar Schindler's Krakow factory is taking on a new mission. Through the initiative of mayor Jacek Majchrowski, it has become a contemporary art museum.