Petra Casey, M.D., is an Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Mayo Clinic. Her clinical and research interests
Facing particular disadvantages, here are a few things African American women can do to avoid osteoporosis.
A reminder not to get your health advice from Instagram.
Until recently, muscle has been the stepchild of organs. Seen as an unsophisticated apparatus for locomotion and nothing
Take care of yourself and your family. After all, healthy families build healthy communities!
Treatment Treatment should include recognition of the disorder, prevention, correction of the energy deficit, increase dietary
Now, when you approach the circulation desk at the library where I work, I'll leap into the air before asking "How can I
To kick off National Osteoporosis Month, I'll start by sharing the best strength-training exercises you can do anywhere, any time, and without equipment! Okay . . . grab your sneakers and let's go!
For some, having a few extra pounds has an added cosmetic bonus. Often body fat provides a bit of volume replacement and fills in wrinkles and sunken areas of your face. While not a real health benefit, looking good usually makes people feel good and feeling good and positive goes a long way.
Kids often get knee pain. When it persists, an X-ray may show a lesion of the articular cartilage: the bearing surface of the joint. That lesion is usually called Osteochondritis dissecans, a terrible and misleading name that implies inflammation (itis) and drying out (dissecans), though neither is present in the condition.