A Kazakhstan bank says it was behind the marketing stunt.
There is now a permanent beak mark on the phone's screen protector.
Photo Credit: Alex McCoy Meat from this seven-foot African bird, unlike chicken or turkey, resembles beef in taste, coloring
In the realm of humanity, almost everything is misunderstood much like ostriches. Misunderstanding is part of human cognition. Not a single human being is fully understood by others and not a single human being fully understands others.
As a mom, I am always looking for adventures for my kids. One balmy summer day last year, I took my two children to a safari
There is an idiom that goes 'it takes two to tango.' Lucky for us, that's the exact number of emus we have in this video
Rosen said on-air that he and Coffman are "friends," and Rosen admitted that he's "biased" toward Coffman. It showed in this interview; that's for sure. I'd like to think Rosen could do better.
In this adorable video uploaded to YouTube, a newborn ostrich tries his hardest to stay awake, sinking to his knees in a