The Ottawa Hospital has apologized for the privacy breach, which reportedly affected hundreds of people.
"I could not be more offended by the way Tucker Carlson butchers the name of our awesome capital city," one person responded to the Fox News host.
Andrew Scheer says he understands why some Canadians are “confused” by the PM’s actions.
The shooter remained at large, police in Canada's capital city said.
A security guard is keeping watch over a nest where a pair of protected killdeer birds have four eggs.
She said she thought she could trust the artist to do the procedure properly.
Jean and George Spear tied the knot in Britain in 1942. They died about five hours apart at the same hospital on Friday.
There’s this huge lie we tell ourselves that “we don’t have enough time”. There is some truth to do that because eventually
By Kristy Siegfried. This article originally appeared on, a news agency specialised in reporting humanitarian
Nearly 3,000 children registered to take part in the free event in Canada.
Both sides weigh in over heated debate at Carleton University in Ottawa
Photos courtesy of Canadian Tourism Commission / ________________________________ Many of the events