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"Yes, there has been a backlash, but the overwhelming majority of Canadians are civilized and tolerant," he said. "We've
But the video takes a turn when Albach's crew comes across a couple of dart-smoking Canadians who let Giamou know that "If
Every cowardly bigot, in the US, Canada or anywhere, is put to shame by the people of Cold Lake. And there are plenty who should be ashamed -- Murrieta isn't a rare example.
Nadia Grandoni, a 35-year-old administrative assistant and native of Hamilton, stood outside the church with a red poppy
Read Huckabee's entire post here. In a post on his website Tuesday, Huckabee mentioned how at the Canadian Parliament building
Rabbi Barry Schlesinger said Jewish scripture denounces the killing of one person as a mortal wound to society as a whole
Designated a high-risk traveler, the shooter had been barred from leaving the country. U.S. officials said that he recently
This week, Ebola arrived in New York City -- America's most crowded and most media-saturated metropolis. So, as word spread on Thursday, so did the hysteria. But thankfully, Ebola (or "Ebowla," as some christened it in honor of the infected doctor's sporting foray the night before his symptoms appeared) remains much harder to spread than rumor and misinformation. As threats go, Americans have a greater chance of dying from a bee sting than catching Ebola. Meanwhile, Canadians are dealing with this week's deadly shooting in Ottawa. The media response there stood in stark contrast to ours. Any changes, The Globe and Mail wrote, should not be "as a panicky reaction to a very small number of men" who "are not an existential threat." We could learn much from our northern neighbors. As we heed NY Mayor de Blasio's warning to stay calm, we should also remember Montaigne, who said, "There were many terrible things in my life, but most of them never happened."
OTTAWA, Oct 24 (Reuters) - The body of a Canadian soldier shot dead while guarding the country's war memorial in Ottawa began