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The murder of Nathan Cirillo came a day after an attack on two Canadian soldiers by a convert to Islam, and the subsequent
Imam Syed Soharwardy, founder of Muslims Against Violence in Calgary, said he has also received a flurry of recent complaints
Albach, who has shot similar activist videos in the past, staged his latest experiment by filming fellow student Zakaria
Every cowardly bigot, in the US, Canada or anywhere, is put to shame by the people of Cold Lake. And there are plenty who should be ashamed -- Murrieta isn't a rare example.
"Nathan, your death was not in vain. Because of you this day, this great country of Canada stands more unified and more determined
The former presidential contender then went on to ask readers where they "stand on the Obama administration's efforts to
Leaders of Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths all spoke at the service, dubbed A Prayer for Ottawa. Observers of all ages
Details of Zehaf-Bibeau's life have begun to trickle out in the days following the shooting. His mother told the AP that
This week, Ebola arrived in New York City -- America's most crowded and most media-saturated metropolis. So, as word spread on Thursday, so did the hysteria. But thankfully, Ebola (or "Ebowla," as some christened it in honor of the infected doctor's sporting foray the night before his symptoms appeared) remains much harder to spread than rumor and misinformation. As threats go, Americans have a greater chance of dying from a bee sting than catching Ebola. Meanwhile, Canadians are dealing with this week's deadly shooting in Ottawa. The media response there stood in stark contrast to ours. Any changes, The Globe and Mail wrote, should not be "as a panicky reaction to a very small number of men" who "are not an existential threat." We could learn much from our northern neighbors. As we heed NY Mayor de Blasio's warning to stay calm, we should also remember Montaigne, who said, "There were many terrible things in my life, but most of them never happened."
"It's extremely emotional for everybody who stands on the bridge. Nobody knows what that family's going through but if in
This is hardly the first time King has made controversial remarks about Muslim communities. In 2011, King, who then chaired
While gun violence can happen anywhere, as Ottawa shows, it happens much more in the United States than any other developed country. Why the discrepancy? The full answer is complicated, but one of the driving factors is not.
After 9/11 Canada After The Ottawa Attack A number of Canadian terror plots have been exposed since the tragic events of
Police released CCTV footage that captured the deadly attack in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, on Wednesday. The videos appear
Pittsburgh's Consol Energy Center arena filled with voices singing the anthem while maple leaves were projected onto the
He also had multiple run-ins with police in the French-speaking province of Quebec. Quebec court records show three 2004
Once in the House of Commons, Vickers laid the mace on the center table and was greeted by the ovation from members of parliament
Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, was a Canadian citizen who may also have held Libyan citizenship, said Bob Paulson, commissioner
"And on that day, at that time, we as a collective being must not give in," Smith said. "On that day, we don’t have to change
But while hearts are heavy, a great sense of fear has also set in over what is now being called an act of terror. Here's