The aquarium has downgraded the penguins and otters' diet due to high costs, and they aren't flippin' pleased.
The Dallas World Aquarium seems to have a real problem with giant otters reaching over the barriers.
The otters were trying to defend themselves after a jogger stepped on one of them, but they got the wrong guy.
Just an-otter reason to love these marine mammals.
Three cases of river otters biting people or dogs in Anchorage may have involved the same band of animals.
A group of small-clawed otters at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta are the latest animals known to have contracted the virus.
There’s something lurking in the California wetlands that threatens a vital water supply.
Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium in Tennessee said the sad incident is an example of why guests aren't allowed to feed the animals.
The otter eluded humane traps and hasn't been seen at Vancouver's Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in at least a week.
The garden is trying to relocate the hungry otter, who has evaded capture so far.