Matt Leffers went swimming at Serene Lakes in Placer County, only to be bitten at least a dozen times — and be hospitalized with 40 puncture wounds.
The California sea otter gave birth after evading capture from wildlife authorities for months.
A newly constructed wildlife passage in Minnesota is already "busy" with critters, according to a local parks department.
Crystal Finn, who played ATN producer Lauren Pawson on the HBO show, was bitten while swimming in Northern California.
The river otter attack occurred on a remote stretch of the Jefferson River that's popular with anglers and recreational floaters.
Wildlife officials are in hot pursuit of the sea otter known as 841, but so far she's slipped through their grasp.
Otter 841, a furry pirate with a surfboard fixation, is on the lam in California.
The aquarium has downgraded the penguins and otters' diet due to high costs, and they aren't flippin' pleased.
The Dallas World Aquarium seems to have a real problem with giant otters reaching over the barriers.
The otters were trying to defend themselves after a jogger stepped on one of them, but they got the wrong guy.