Otto von Bismarck

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"Study history, study history," espoused Sir Winston Churchill. "In history lies all the secrets of statecraft." At the 200th anniversary of Iron Chancellor and Prussian statesman Otto von Bismarck, the hidden lessons from this remarkable statesman remain ever vital for the future of Europe.
The battlefields of Waterloo and the Marne are separated by a physical distance of approximately 180 miles and by a time span of roughly a century. They mark the defeat of two successive attempts for the mastery of Europe.
Bismarck is said to have once observed that, "German foreign and military policy was hostage to its geography."
The government has unwittingly given away to big business a cheap and easy way to offload employee health care benefits altogether -- along with all their attendant administrative headaches and cost uncertainties.
The Ryan budget -- love it or hate it -- at least recognizes that we can't afford anachronistic financial plans. If we try to, we do exactly what we must not: deplete the programs and leave those most in need without a safety net.
One hundred years from now, a new crop of historians will have spent their careers puzzling over the mindlessness of a governing class that ignored reality and assumed the worst could never happen.
Clever diplomacy, not more Marines, is the answer. The over-extended American Raj has got to face strategic reality or it risks going the way of the Soviet Empire.
Bismarck's famous line and the sentiment behind it sums up the steady marginalizing of anything that could be considered visionary by so many elected Democrats.
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