jesus malverde"Gracias, patrón. Humildemente hoy te pido sólo Juárez y Tijuana. Por lo demás, infinitas gracias": JGL "El Chapo." Esta nota , según la prensa mexicana, habría sido dejada en la famosa capilla en Culiacán del santo popular Jesús Malverde por el Chapo, Joaquín Guzmán Loera.
The capture of el Chapo, the world's most powerful drug lord, has thrust his hometown folk saint, Jesus Malverde into the media spotlight.
You may have heard that California is experiencing a devastating drought. Sure, we're using social media to share photos of ourselves cavorting on the beach in Santa Cruz, wearing swimsuits on Martin Luther King Jr''s birthday so that loved ones in, say Ohio, will hate us, but things are getting really serious.
New Mexico’s Catholics don’t think their religious icon belongs in a bikini. The Santa Fe Reporter, a New Mexico alt weekly, is in hot water for running a cartoon featuring Our Lady of Guadalupe in a bikini, sipping on a margarita, on the cover of its “Summer Guide 2013.”