our lady of guadalupe

I recently returned from Merida, Mexico, having escaped wintry Boston for a warmer and lovelier place. A city built by Spanish
ARMY Staff Sgt. Juan Roldan was on patrol in Baghdad in 2006, when a warhead struck his vehicle, killing two colleagues. Sergeant
Dozens of professional clowns took the streets of Mexico City on Tuesday to express devotion for their country’s patron saint
Millions of people each year embark on spiritual pilgrimages around the world , to deepen their faith and gain wisdom. The
The capture of el Chapo, the world's most powerful drug lord, has thrust his hometown folk saint, Jesus Malverde into the media spotlight.
You may have heard that California is experiencing a devastating drought. Sure, we're using social media to share photos of ourselves cavorting on the beach in Santa Cruz, wearing swimsuits on Martin Luther King Jr''s birthday so that loved ones in, say Ohio, will hate us, but things are getting really serious.
What influence has she had on Mexico and the world? On Dec. 12, the Virgin reappeared to Juan Diego and ordered him to collect
New Mexico’s Catholics don’t think their religious icon belongs in a bikini. The Santa Fe Reporter, a New Mexico alt weekly, is in hot water for running a cartoon featuring Our Lady of Guadalupe in a bikini, sipping on a margarita, on the cover of its “Summer Guide 2013.”
The cartoon didn’t leave everyone outraged, however. "I could see that a little bit but, uh I don't know, it doesn't bother
12/12/12 was the Feast Day of "Our Lady of Guadalupe" celebrated by millions who pray for God's grace of reconciliation and salvation. The symbol of Our Lady of Guadalupe links together politics, family, religion, colonial past and independent present.
“Let us not forget that the Virgin of Guadalupe is the mother of everyone,” he said in his last Feast Day Mass. “She appeared
Tens of thousands of people showed up downtown for what the Los Angeles Times is calling "the largest celebration of the
What does it mean? "It's something special for the people of West New York," said one onlooker, Jose Alequin, to The Jersey
"Always see yourself as thirty years old. See yourself as perfect, whole and complete, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually."
Every year millions of pilgrims travel to places with unique spiritual significance in hopes of experiencing elevation, transformation
By Alfredo Corchado The Dallas Morning News VPOTUS walked up to the portrait of the virgin accompanied by monsignors. He
Guadalupe, Coatlaxopeuh, Tonantzin In the spirit of mestizaje, the blending of different cultures and faiths, this interactive
The Dec. 4 procession will be followed by a Mass celebrated by Gomez, the auxiliary bishops of Los Angeles and other clergy