Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway), it's the middle road that's complicated. I pile those "neutral" things up and revisit
Permanent weight loss is a holistic event. Permanent weight loss is a mind-changing, life-changing event. You can lose weight, but you will find it again and again until you are ready for permanent change.
Negative people often do slow us down and drain our energy, as well as create stress and anxiety, none of which is useful or helpful. What to do?
The sidewalks in our towns and cities have been rolled up and taken away. We no longer take a quick walk or ride our bikes to the mart. We're rolling down our driveways how many times a day?
When was the last time that you were so engrossed in an activity or passionately at play that you forgot to eat? Maybe, say - when you were 10? Playing with your Ken and Barbie dolls?
This 50-pound big-time-loser is here to tell you that the best way to begin anew is to make sure that the energy in your home is supporting your new healthy eating and living style.
I've been talking to tons of Kick in the Tush Club members as well as private coaching clients, asking them "How do you get through the holidays without gaining weight?"
Truth be told, for me, getting through Thanksgiving unscathed is less about food and more about dealing with the slings and arrows that could be 'lovingly' sent my way.
I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nancy Garfinkel and Andrea Israel, authors of The Recipe Club: A Tale of Food and Friendship. Here's what they have to say.
3. People Watch Most of us are on "automatic pilot" when it comes to paying real attention to the people in our lives. Today
Polar opposites in childhood, finding middle ground as adults, I met up with Denise Austin, fitness guru, to discuss saddlebag slimmers and fit bottoms.
When the sun goes down, many healthy individuals are lured mindlessly into their kitchens. What to do? Understand it and plan for it with these 10 tips to controlling nighttime eating.
5. Stop eating all together at least 3 hours before sleep. This will prevent heartburn, indigestion and energy boosts from the food. A good weight loss rule anyway. You've got to stop at some point.
"The food industry has huge culpability as to why we in America find ourselves where we are," Dr. Ian said. "The food industry is not a non-profit agency. They are in it for the profits."
In 2008, Kraft removed artificial colorings...and chemical sweeteners...from the products that they distribute in Europe, Australia, and other developed countries due to consumer concern over scientific studies...But, they haven't done the same thing here in the U.S.!
Your bathroom scale measures the force of attraction between you and the earth, and that force is called your weight. If you look at it in those terms, it takes the emphasis off fat and puts it on gravitational pull.
Is 'chunky' in or out? The shows - Drop Dead Diva, More to Love, Dance Your Ass Off and Ruby - range from dance to comedy to reality - some promote health and weight loss, some say you're fine just as you are, as they light up the grill and fill up on dessert. Mixed messages for sure.
'Thunder Pants' confesses her 'weighty sins' and receives forgiveness. What's your dietary sin? Lighten your load here!
There is nothing 'wrong' with your child. She does not need to be 'fixed.' Ask for your child's input and rather than harping on the negative -- learn about nutrition; talk up health benefits.
We human beings are pretty crude creatures. We want more, more, more. We have insatiable appetites. We do everything in excess, in both our personal and collective lives.