outback steakhouse

One Twitter user noticed something creepy about the restaurant's locations.
"I wanted to share a story that any mom could read, no matter how they feed their child, and feel encouraged in knowing they’re making the right choices."
That salad probably isn't the best thing on the menu.
For all you servers, it is very important for you to talk directly to each person seated at the table. Don't be put off by the way someone looks. Just because someone is in a wheelchair or blind, or deaf, or good looking doesn't mean they aren't capable of placing an order... or leaving a tip.
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Unexpected celebrities that own franchises of well-known chains.
There comes a time in just about everyone's life when they feel the urge to eat some red meat.
Being V.I.P. at Outback is a big deal because people who eat there don't realize there are other restaurants. My dad is no different.
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