In the 1970s, the federal government attempted to vaccinate every American against the swine flu. It did not go well.
Scientists say there isn’t a simple answer.
"Outbreak" is now one of the most popular movies on Netflix.
Four people have died so far in the 17-state outbreak.
The World Health Organization has officially declared the coronavirus as a pandemic.
We have a president with an unusual knack for avoiding the consequences of his lies. A disease outbreak might be the thing that could change that.
A Japanese man and woman in their 80s, both of whom had underlying health conditions, have died after contracting COVID-19, Japanese officials said.
Infectious disease experts warn that we know too little about the outbreak to say it will slow down with warmer weather.
The World Health Organization says the deadly Wuhan coronavirus that originated in China is now a “global health emergency”.
Hundreds of millions of people are expected to travel both domestically and abroad for Lunar New Year, prompting fears the coronavirus could spread quickly.