The latest weekly CDC figures show that vaping-related illnesses are still rising across the country, but at a slightly slower pace.
Over 10,000 people in the U.S. have contracted the preventable disease this year.
The Ebola outbreak in the Congo is deadly and won’t be over anytime soon.
A city in the Democratic Republic of Congo that's home to almost 1.2 million people is now at risk.
San Diego is bleaching its streets in an effort to combat the hepatitis A outbreak affecting the city’s homeless.
The virus was first discovered at a federal detention center.
Pandemics are back on the agenda for the 2016 G7 Summit, which convenes this week in Ise-Shima Japan. The Group of Seven is expected to further its commitments to global health security.
Health officials predict that a small number of Americans will get Zika virus.
One stillborn fetus' brain was completely absent.
The race for a vaccine has started, and several companies have already announced a schedule to begin human trials in the near future. Unlike HIV, for which making a vaccine has turned out much more challenging than originally anticipated, the genome of the Zika virus is not very diverse.
We often fail as well to perceive and prioritize our common humanity. We rally to the defense of it when fighting the threats
Throw in the fact that we are bombarded with opinions and personal takes and tweets and carefully edited YouTube videos presented as fact and it is a wonder anybody leaves the house, much less goes on vacation.
JM: I'm not happy that we are not covering methadone under Medicaid. Methadone is proven to stabilize somebody at high risk
Real problems, in the real world, are rarely solved by either the excessively afflicted or the unduly comfortable. Real problems, like Ebola, tend to populate the space between cause for panic and allowance for apathy. Real solutions, whatever the headlines, tend to reside there as well.
"People who have survived Ebola give hope to others who are still fighting the disease," he said last Thursday, according
As for Ebola containment, holistic thinking is clearly essential. Control of an outbreak is not limited to treating the sick, but managing the social network of every index case.
My fear is that we are beginning to look at our personal technology as a totem. The kind of totem that people once thought (and some still do) protected them from bullets or arrows or bears -- bottom line: an unnatural death.