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Stay comfortable and safe while hitting the trails.
By Jen Fifield FLATHEAD VALLEY, Mont. — It’s a Monday evening and Dan McAllister is charging up a mountain in Lone Pine State
The man was rescued by his friends, but police launched a massive search after he left his kayak unattended.
"I guess this goes against every U.S.-Russian stereotype ever," Chris Mazdzer said.
Noëmi Lakmaier floated for nine hours during an exhibit on the "fear of happiness."
“These are on the expensive side, but they’re one of the lightest backpacks of all. I saw them about ten years ago and actually
When I set out to backpack through the U.K. for three weeks on my own. I got a lot of responses, that ranged from “that’s
School's out for summer -- but not for long! 🍎📝👩‍🏫
Artist Jihan Zencirli wanted to "inspire delight and love" with her stunning work.
Caminito del Rey is said to provide stunning views of the gorge — there’s a special glass platform for a look down below — in exchange for braving the path.
This article was originally published on Unwritten. I am lucky enough to say that I have traveled a lot in my life; I have
Close to a decade ago, I set out to travel the world and study what causes some to lead exciting and fulfilling lives. After
Millions of Americans visit our nation's sandy shores every year to relax, socialize, swim, paddle, or simply enjoy the view. Our nation's beaches are also major drivers of our coastal economies. From the coast of Maine to the shores of Hawaii, beaches attract an endless stream of visitors who patronize local hotels and businesses. According to the National Ocean Economics Program, ocean tourism and recreation contributes over $100 billion to our GDP every year.
Taking the extra step to actually prescribe park visits and recreation as a health solution helps make this link between parks and health even more direct.
We asked kids from around the country what they would do and where they would go if they could choose any outdoor adventure with their family. Their answers were cute -- and heavy on imagination.
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