outrageous acts of science

"Outrageous Acts Of Science" airs Saturdays on Discovery Science. Those animals have tongues that average 20 inches in length
The idea of turning bed bugs into tattoo artists is kind of cool, but biologist Chris Krishna-Pillay disagrees with Camper's
A Colorado man shows how to turn a bunch of bed bugs into a tattoo gun in this clip from the Science Channel series "Outrageous Acts Of Science."
Eating frog legs for dinner? Add a little salt to them before cooking and they might put on a show for you -- even when they're
Despite the risks, Yarrow reported no serious injuries from the incident. Yarrow, was 30 when he dropped into the water for
When a large, dead ocean mammal washes ashore, removing it can be a whale of a problem. "There’s going to be three gases
The hazards of removing a dead whale from the beach are explained in this clip from "Outrageous Acts of Science."