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"The message should be that it isn’t too late ... not we should all give up."
If some one read or saw Wild and got inspired to outfit themselves and take to a trail that is a good thing. That is one more person exploring the benefits of an enhanced relationship with the natural world. Does it really matter what inspired them to do it?
#3 We've got steps everywhere. It's no secret that taking the stairs and not the elevator leads to multiple health benefits
Author Jon Krakauer posted "How Chris McCandless Died: An Update" Wednesday at The New Yorker online with the fifth theory he has put forward since 1993 to justify his claim that the young man did not die of reckless behavior but of poisoning.
Ski season is upon us, but any avid skier knows that traveling to the best ski resorts can be expensive. If you do your research, you can find great deals on lift tickets and resort passes. However, scoring a deal on flights to your favorite winter destination can be trickier.
Between their "delectable dining scenes, friendly, walkable neighborhoods and unparalleled access to outdoor adventure," the
For the rest of the top 10 best towns for the outdoorsy type, check out the slideshow below. For the third year in a row
Outside Magazine thinks that Boulder is at least a contender for “Best Town Ever,” naming Colorado’s much beloved college
Yesterday morning we received news that award-winning photojournalist and Outside contributor Tim Hetherington was killed
Born without legs, Montana author and photographer Kevin Michael Connolly is use to all eyes being on him. But in his latest project, Connolly turns the focus around on others.