outsider art fair

The Outsider Art Fair is in its twenty-fifth year of presenting galleries and artists who specialize in what was formerly
What we know and what we don't know about the Philadelphia Wireman, one of the many artists whose stories risk going untold.
"I want this to be a part of the art world that people just can’t ignore."
The stunning work of anonymous and unseen artists working on the periphery of mainstream.
In advance of this weekend's Outsider Art Fair in New York City, I spoke with Andrea Joyce Heimer about her painting practice, her writing practice, and the beauty in people laughing at her work.
The story behind Raw Vision and why "every single human being is an artist at some point."
Yasuyuki Ueno, who does not speak at all, creates bijin-ga, or drawings of beautiful women.
Real treasure hunters show where secret history and folk art intersect.
Carl Hammer discovered the nation's greatest outsider artists with a car and some intuition.
Born in Somalia and raised in Kenya in a Muslim household, Uman is redefining outsider art in NYC.