Outward Bound

By Nathan Vink UCF Forum columnist I have vivid memories from my childhood of traipsing through the woods near our house
To our military veterans, the Boundary Waters is a place where the land and country they fought for provides healing. No one better illustrates this than Erik Packard, an army veteran who served two tours in Iraq.
How long is it going to be before the American public understands what learning and teaching really mean and how students really learn? The traditional classroom routine is broken.
Embrace your scars. When you have something to offer you'll be sought. The person who wants something least holds the stronger position. Living the dream is never giving in to adversity -- hold ground, then bounce back.
Who among us didn't spend at least a part of childhood huddled under a blanket-covered card table with a good friend or a good book? Or snuggled, three or four at a time, into a one-person tent in the rain?
Applying love in business has freed me to release my grip on knowledge, and to share it without reserve. It has enabled me to work on behalf of my clients, instead of simply for them.
If you're putting off starting your life... don't. It's time to start making deliberate choices in your job, your city and even your love life to set yourself up for the life you want in your 30s.
EL schools focus on learning targets and use a mastery-based grading system with 1-4 scoring. They use checkpoints along the way to scaffold students to mastery.
There's too much philosophically to speak of in terms of the backlash to this wondrous world of technology that has saved us in so many ways and may very well be destroying us in others.
We began this journey to ensure that another Lonesome George situation does not happen again. We believe every one of us has the power within to shift to long-term thinking while making systemic, replicable, and sustainable changes within our own communities.
Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees is remembered for using his voice to raise awareness for a number of causes. Gibb also used his
Noah Pippin, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and our war in Iraq, went out into the woods and did not come back.
These new Ivy rejects are far from slackers. They're incredible kids with impressive resumes -- 2,350+ SATs, straight As in their 16 APs, debate champions, flute soloists and MVPs.
The right summer experience can do that. We think that merits credit on every level. We suggested that our students would
Intentions are a powerful way to launch the school year. As with the best ideas in any good school, this one came from a teacher.
What were you thinking? Mount Kilimanjaro? I wasn't even sure where Mount Kilimanjaro was.
Finland's public education system is enjoying a great deal of attention these days. One characteristic worth emulating is how much time they give teachers to plan and work together.
With the determined focus on meeting standards, are we overlooking at times more nuanced learning, and the power of human connection in its varied forms including laughter, joy and friendship?
What makes the use of clichés so irresistible is that everybody uses them. Most of us have a natural desire to fit in, so we cannot resist using them as well; or, we often do not even recognize them.