To help you take better care of you, I've put together a list of 13 simple ways you can relax with ease and without feeling guilty. The world will not fall apart while you're in a timeout.
Success, achievement, wealth, power, innovation are all things to strive for. But is there a way to disrupt the current modus operandi that ironically seems to break us down as it moves us up?
17. You may be more likely to stay in an unhappy marriage. Overachievers hate failure, and failure is failure, whether it's
As an achiever, I had no idea I could slow down, ask for help, take time out, let go of white-knuckling, accept longing and disappointment as natural byproducts of life. Now, as someone with a different body and mindset, I practice my tips and do the opposite of what I did in my career. The outcome is not only greater success in all areas of my life, but a calmer, healthier and more balanced me.
We are the same age, but Diana Nyad swam from Cuba to Miami and I did not. I did, however, take an excellent nap just hearing about it.
I have battled chronic stress for most of my adult life, and I know that my habits are a work in progress. I also know that I value my health as much as I value being a high-achiever, and I need to use something other than getting sick as a warning sign that I need to slow down.
Dr. John Pachankis, Adam Chandler and Rich Juzwiak discuss the positive and negative effects of remaining in the closet.
There are times in your life where you just feel something inside you pushing you to be more, to be bigger. While I know there are so many people in my life who can help me be a better version of myself, I also am learning there is no better person than myself to help me get there.
I love that Alice in Wonderland actually differentiates different types of feminine power so girls don't just define strong as physically tough or verbally demanding.
But I have a big goal. And it's not about making money, or having a big important title, or getting into a specific college