Add these velvet, corduroy and skirtall overalls to your weekday wear.
I thought I couldn’t wear an outfit because I didn’t look like the other girls who wore it.
It's a love story between Swift and this overalls dress.
The idea of denim in Spring is not a trend, it's a staple. Every March, like the coming of warmer weather is certainly around the corner, so too is the arrival of denim in our wardrobes an undoubted fixture. What changes or trends every year is the way denim is cut, styled or accented.
I tip my hat to all of the well-dressed gentlemen of the world, but your pastel colored Dockers and floral print blazers are no match for a lady in a well fitted tuxedo jacket (although your attempts at feminine wear are definitely not going unnoticed).
Chirping birds signal the arrival of spring. And, a gentle reminder that leg baring seasons is almost upon us. But, what to do about those pasty white, winterized legs? The way I see it, you have three choices: embrace the paste, go for the glow or strategically layer your legs in "camouflage clothing."
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