Almost every working creative person I know has a story about the overly critical teacher, the cruel playground remark, or the scathing review that made them feel like quitting. Some of these slights were imagined, some were real, and some were richly deserved.
How do you overcome the void that such a loss has left, not only in the womb but also in the heart?
High Performance Psychologist and Co-Founder of Win Forever Michael Gervais explains the two vectors of challenge.
When 77 percent of the population holds that same limiting belief, it's like a super-virus that has become resistant to normal antibiotics! It becomes a "truth" so prevalent that the energy and focus of an entire population can be deflated.
This is exactly what the Coxless Crew is doing - a group of four women - who will be the first team to ever accomplish this
Conclusion: A sense of mystery can free us from a kind of self-centeredness to help us reach beyond the limits of self. We
In the 24 hours after the attacks at the World Trade Center, I found myself sifting through video tape trying to find answers. As a documentary filmmaker, I was used to looking at terrible things, but always with some distance. This was my backyard.
And it hurt. Badly. Now, I knew that my headlamp, a critical piece to my Ladies Night success, was growing dim. I thought
If you have epilepsy and if you're thinking about your independence, if it hurts that there are some things that you need a little help doing since becoming diagnosed, don't allow it to consume you not a second longer. It's okay to ask for help.
Medicines. Modern medicine is astonishing and can extend lives and greatly increase quality of life; however, some drugs