overcoming adversity

Humans have faced adversity from the beginning of time. One could reasonably argue that we have never had it as good as now
Whether or not our soul chooses our circumstances, the belief that our challenges are for us, not against us, is hugely empowering
Francesco Clark and Mark Reay understand adversity in a way that others may not. In this premier episode of the new HooplaHa
Adversity will happen It's guaranteed. The more important and interesting question is how will you choose to engage with it. What will you do to turn adversity into a learning opportunity?
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This April, I was inside a high security prison. The plan was to talk to the men there about the work cdv.org does and to educate them on the connection between childhood adversities and the potential impact. While I believe I educated them, they also educated me. Here is what I learned.
Bad things have great timing, and on the day of my birthday, I got my first insult. I was entering a classroom to give something
Trust -- it's the cornerstone. Things may not go as planned or even turn out as I'd like but I can trust that you I will
Jaime Casap is an Education Evangelist for Google. He will be one of several big-stage speakers this week at the GlobalMindED
Repeatedly in her early career, Jahren's grant proposals were denied or didn't produce the funding she needed. She was not accepted at conferences by her peers in ways she would have preferred. Her life did not go as she had hoped or planned.