“I would like to say, your honor, I’m sorry for what has happened,” the 72-year-old man told the judge.
The lifesaving nasal spray is expected to hit store shelves and online U.S. retailers by late summer -- though it's not clear how much it will cost.
Jane Schneck suggested officials were too quick to conclude that the singer died of an accidental drug overdose.
The critically acclaimed singer was found dead in Tucson, Arizona, on Aug. 29.
At least 100 supervised injection sites have operated around the world for several decades.
The entertainer told fans that they now identify as nonbinary and will be changing their pronouns to they/them.
Demi Lovato is sharing details about her near-fatal overdose publicly for the first time.
COVID-19 deaths rose in 2021 as variants spread and many Americans refused to get vaccinated or follow public health measures, like wearing masks.
Nalaxone is a drug that can be administered to an individual in an an opioid overdose state. VOCAL NY is a community organization that teaches trainings on how to administer Nalaxone.
Fentanyl is 50 times as strong as heroin and 100 times as strong as morphine, according to the CDC.