Americans are more likely to accidentally overdose than die in a motor vehicle accident or a fall, according to a new report.
We’re just beginning to learn how many fatal overdoses aren’t accidents. To prevent those deaths, we need to understand them better.
The second death at Ed Buck's home, of another black man, is "suspicious," law enforcement said.
The life expectancy of Americans continues to drop, while drug overdose and suicide rates soar.
Pharmacies can dispense the overdose reversal antidote without a prescription, but many aren't doing it.
The singer was hospitalized following an apparent drug overdose in July.
At least 70 people have overdosed in a park in New Haven, Conn., after consuming synthetic marijuana known as K2, authorities say. But what exactly is K2 and why is it dangerous?
There have been no fatalities, but authorities consider the incident part of a public health crisis.
The "Melrose Place" actress was released from jail hours earlier.
Authorities claim the popular herbal drug poses potentially deadly risks, but there are big problems with their evidence.
The state’s bill for moving dead bodies has doubled in the last few years.
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Most drivers aren’t prepared for this situation, but they’re in a unique position to save a life.
President Trump: If you want to end the opioid crisis, give people in long-term recovery a seat at the policymakers' table.
Former Florida governor joins America's doctor and addiction recovery advocates to urge the president to declare a state of emergency immediately.
Much has been written and spoken lately about Narcan as the primary way of reviving an opiate/opioid overdose victim. In