overdraft fees

Use an online-only bank or credit union You can optimize your finances more by using an online-only bank or credit union
How you can avoid overdraft fees There are steps you can take to prevent overdraft fees from hitting your account. » MORE
Overdraft protection transfer fee: Some banks offer overdraft protection, which allows you to link your checking account
These businesses target families with incomes below $35,000, and people of color are three times more likely to receive abusive loans than whites. People with blemished credit are often passed over when seeking jobs.
You don't need to waste your money purchasing overdraft protection in the event you make a transaction that depletes your checking account balance. Here are four money routines that will definitely keep your checking account in the black.
How financially stressed are you? Here are some major indicators of financial stress with suggestions for taking action.
Like the insidious overdraft penalty, the key to avoiding a replacement fee is to keep careful watch of your debit card and not lose it. If you do, try to take out cash through a teller and be patient until your replacement card arrives.
How much do you really know about your bank's overdraft protection policy?
Would you pay an interest rate of 17,000% to borrow $24? That might seem absurd, but you probably already have -- and maybe more than once.