overtime pay

Earlier this month, a Texas judge blocked a federal rule that would have granted overtime pay to employees earning less than
The injunction delays one of the president's major reforms at a crucial time.
It would take some effort, but the new president could put one of Obama's signature achievements on the chopping block.
Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Ohio also joined the suit.
We are in Carrboro, North Carolina - Not San Francisco. All Cities are not Equal There is a Federal Minimum Wage - and beyond
Who is Worth Less than All Other Americans There's more - imagine an entire class of employees who are ineligible for this
Can we all just take a deep breath? I'm speaking to many Democratic voters as well as the bulk of the mainstream media here, just to clarify. Because far too many seem to currently be going off the deep end. But from where I sit, this is an overreaction to a very short-term situation.
The District Court stated that there was a factual question concerning the enforceability of the agreement to arbitrate: The
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The case is one of many the court heard while Justice Antonin Scalia was still on the bench.