Yesterday, when my annoying brain was telling me to "get to work" during the kids' quiet time, I perused FaceBook then laid
If we grade ourselves based on whether we got everything on our list accomplished, we're going to feel like we're failing because...drum roll please... The list never ends!
Sharp memories of 9/11 Nuclear threat looming World leaders badmouthing each other Unrest in my own neighborhood My sister
Did you know a panic attack can feel like a heart attack? I didn’t, but I do now.
Pressure to stay ahead is a common reason many successful professionals are on the verge of burning out. They create perpetual, out-of-control to-lists that never end.
Busy professionals are busy for a reason. You've got tons of stuff to do! Your to-do list feels like it's never ending. You wish you had 48 hours in your day. You are drowning in the sea of meetings, emails, and calls to return. Sound familiar? Well, you are definitely not alone.
The jostling of our reality is exactly what we need to invite change in. Eye opening experiences awaken us from our slumber and let us know we can change what we don't like. Even if it seems impossible at first.
Recently, I had what felt like a minor landslide of overwhelm hit my life.  As a life and career coach, I work with clients
You and I kicked the 9-5 and built a business from home to spend more time with our kids. And by gosh, it’s going to work.
Working moms are juggling more than ever before, and it means that we’re also all feeling more overwhelmed than ever before
#nomoreburnout Productivity & Online Tools Coach Aerlie Wildy is running a 5 day Online Clutter Challenge. To become an #onlineclutterbug
Most people have something going on that is causing them stress -- a money issue, a health concern, a troublesome relationship or some other matter. What's interesting is that sometimes the smallest shift in our own perception of the situation can actually make the biggest difference.
We've all got those dreaded "things" we need to work on inside our heads. They're those things that seem to hold us back from charging our worth, feeling like we're enough and unapologetically announcing to the world who we are. It keeps us from attracting clients.
Everyone working on their own business feels overwhelmed from time to time. We get stressed out trying to do tasks that are
When you are on the verge of burning out, you are not showing up as the bold and fun person you used to be. Often, you become the complete opposite of the person you want to be. You are stressed, bitter, grumpy, tired, jealous, and unhappy. It takes a little work to get out of that rut.
Are you living and leading, right now, by drift or by design? Are you conscious and intentional and designing the actions needed to take care of what you most care about? Or, are you too busy reacting to circumstances, events, and what other people want for and from you?
A quarter century as a professional specializing in ADHD has shown me I'm not alone in living with this pervasive sense of dread and stress.
Sounds familiar? Meet overwhelm - one of the biggest threats entrepreneurs face. I also -- when feeling overwhelmed -- make
Since the richness of life and all its opportunities are not going to go away, what needs to change is how we perceive all that we have to and want to do. A shift in perception can open new doors to the sense of purpose and productivity that we all desire.
After you identify the gap of where you are and where you want to be, begin to take action. Every day make choices and take steps that move you toward your vision.