By AsiaToday reporter Kim Ye-jin - It has been revealed that Japanese young people are suffering from overwork-related mental
Our American culture of overworking is contributing to our diet-related problems. But that could be changing.
What can happen is that we transform our personal ecosystem and create an environment where we are more productive, less stressed, and ready to say "Yes" again.
After pouring through The Sleep Revolution, fostering more sleep at home seems like a no-brainer and there's no prescription needed. Small changes, beginning with dispelling the collective delusion that less sleep equals more productivity, can lead to big life shifts and may even make for a complete cultural sleep revolution.
2. EMPTY YOUR QUEUE Next, it's time to go into super hustle mode and wrap up all your projects before you leave. Before I
American workers are more stressed, sleep deprived, burnt out and disengaged than ever before, but the solution is surprisingly simple.
Joan C. Williams is an expert on matters of work and family and is a Distinguished Professor of Law at UC Hastings College of the Law. In our conversation she shared her insights on the origins of our culture of sleep one-upmanship, how that culture differs for men and women and how periodically disengaging from work can boost your creativity and efficiency.
My bet is that 2015 is going to be a year when we see powerhouse women rise, not just to add to the dialogue, but to take action and effect change on issues that matter to women everywhere. Here's why.
As we celebrate National Work and Family Month, here's my view of the topic areas that are getting the most attention from the global community of work and family scholars.
Our need to redefine success is as urgent on the collective level as it is in our personal lives. Limiting our metrics of success to money and power and completely defining ourselves by our jobs creates a political class obsessed with short-term gain -- one that's not up to the types of long-term challenges we're now facing.
Even though the word "overwork" has been commonplace for a decade or do, it was not a word that employers wanted to her much about. How could work possibly get done if employees don't ramp up and work longer? How could companies be productive without employees working harder? But that changed this year.
Theresa Merrill knew she was devoting too much time to work when she got a dose of reality from her daughter. Merrill's work
Is there some subterranean -- even subversive -- connection between spring celebration of the Earth and spring celebration of work and time for rest?
Looking back, it's obvious that my lifestyle wasn't sustainable. But back then, I wore my workaholism like a badge of honor. The way I saw it, I had an awesome job and would work as hard as it took to do well. Instead, it was a classic case of burnout.
I have navigated treacherous territory before. From experience I know that barks are worse than bites -- that no matter how scary, dedication to one's authentic journey takes precedence over fear, overcomes obstacles and provides ultimate protection.
To grow in awareness of who we truly are and to make choices that align us with our essential authentic self allows us to nurture our true gifts and offerings like strong healthy carrots.
Robinson emphasizes the importance of intrinsic motivation, doing things for their own sake, yet he also argues that our
One way to think of work addiction is as an over-functioning of the driven aspect of the personality, the part represented by such heroes and warriors as Hercules, Perseus, and Theseus.