It hasn't even been a year since Drake released his third album, "Nothing Was the Same," but he's already decided on the
Drake assumes the role of the present day Berry Gordy Jr., behind his label he has assimilated a team of heavy hitters that do it all in-house.
Ovo simply embodies the essence of what made the world fall in love with Cirque du Soleil in the first place: Artistry. 2012-03-07-cirque.jpg
When the lights went down, the 'insects' started crawling around the stage (and the theatre), and I was immersed in a headlong rush into their colorful ecosystem teeming with weird life.
Nah, that didn't work either. The only way to understand and thereby appreciate "Ovo's" poetic energy of discovery is to
"Can I take this in with me?" I ask the cheery-eyed woman. There was less than ten minutes until show time, and nothing's
Cirque du Soleil has given birth to plenty of head-turning shows in its 25-year history -- yes, it's been around that long. The company's new endeavor, Ovo ("egg" in Portuguese), is simply one of the best Cirque experiences of the decade.