Flaco, who flew the coop at the Central Park Zoo months ago, doesn’t know there are no wild owls of his kind in North America.
Video of the rescue shows the waterlogged bird of prey bobbing up and down before being fished out with a net.
The Central Park Zoo is halting efforts to capture the escaped Eurasian eagle-owl, as long as he doesn't show signs of "difficulty or distress."
Flaco, a Eurasian eagle-owl, has learned to feed himself in the wild -- but still faces dangers on his own.
Shelley's eagle owl had never been clearly photographed in the wild — until now.
The Ravensbeard Wildlife Center shared the "rare Holiday story" after rescuing the little bird.
The bird presumably lived in the tree for over a week without anyone noticing.
Don't mess with the snowy owl. Just don't.