"For me, I lost my virginity while I was asleep, and that's not OK."
The author of We Need to Talk reveals how she learned to help -- and not help -- a friend with loss.
The authors of Seven Steps to Managing Your Memory reveal the times when it may be more than just forgetfulness.
We believe in the power of an apology—and in the importance of not wasting the power of those two little words. Nicole Lapin, the author of Boss Bitch, shares effective ways to change a bad habit too many of us fall back on.
"There's a lingering."
But, of course, role models come in many forms and the key is recognizing the right one at the right time. Whomever you select
Forget chill. It’s all about Netflix & Netflix.
Forget chill. It’s all about Netflix & Netflix.
A white woman's emotional reactions, regardless of how outlandish or inappropriate, are perceived differently than those of black women. When white women express their emotional state, it is perceived as a "bad hair day" or perhaps, a hormonal imbalance. When a black woman does the same, her behavior becomes who she is in the sight of others.