A new economic system is needed to tackle rampant inequality, says a new Oxfam report.
These illegal businesses grow directly from the misogynistic culture of the legitimate ones that house them.
The charity calls out President Donald Trump for making wealth inequality worse.
Oxfam wants to "send a message to Trump but also world leaders that they need to do more to help refugees."
Trump's proposal slashes humanitarian aid as millions face starvation.
How do you fix a problem if the people in power don’t see a problem?
A new Oxfam report finds income inequality is benefiting a few billionaires who already have "biblical" fortunes.
I haven't become desensitized but I feel better because I am not ignoring these people or turning my back on them. I am listening to their stories, hearing and feeling their pain, I am giving a voice to the voices of the erased.
Blocking the arms sale would send the right message. B. Obama is still President. Obama, not Hillary Clinton, will be President
We now provide other services such as English, Arabic and Farsi language classes for the children. I like helping other people
It is sometimes possible to read these large figures and not fully take in the gross abuse of human rights that this robbery
What can we do to help the world's children? We've made a lot of progress in the last two decades when it comes to helping
TLYCS: You'll be kicking a football--what we Americans call a soccer ball--along the entire distance of your trek. What was
Los 62 individuos más ricos del planeta tienen tanto dinero como 3.500 millones de personas, la mitad de la población mundial
Donald Trump, a billionaire who opposes raising the minimum wage, now at the poverty level of $7.25 an hour, is holding himself out to working people as the man who will stand as a dam against that torrent.
When it comes to money, it's not intelligence or education that holds back the average person from getting rich. It's the middle-class beliefs about money that keeps them struggling to survive in a world of abundance.