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These terms rose to popular use and officially entered dictionaries in the 2010s.
Although "fake news" was popularized by Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election campaign, the term actually dates back to 1890.
“Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t make me better at Scrabble, but it does make me proud.”
In case you don't know what "stay woke" means by now.
"Squee" and other fandom-isms were added to the dictionary this year. Here’s where they come from, and why they matter.
A few Roald Dahl-related terms were also added in honor of the author’s 100th birthday.
Why does the Oxford English Dictionary portray feminists as rabid?  
@HaggardHawks' second birthday has already been celebrated online with a fiendishly difficult quiz, but to mark the occasion all the more, here are 50 of its finest language facts and words worth remembering.
If we didn't allow English to evolve, we would hardly have words enough to express ourselves in our modern society, and we'd still be greeting each other by saying "Ēadig, þec tō mētenne."