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No matter their background, those who participate in pole dancing should be able to do so without judgment looming over them.
The book, by the way, is published by Oxford University Press and can be purchased via this site. I recently had a conversation
2. "Fish on Prozac" is an area of emerging concern. Our neurochemical pharmaceuticals are released from our urine and pass
The best cookbooks do more than just present recipes -- they offer a glimpse into a particular place or style of cooking that can change the way we view the food on our plates. While running your last minute holiday errands be sure to swing through a bookstore to load up on house gifts and stocking stuffers.
Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is a new and comprehensive resource guide specifically curated for the transgender community. Covering
What's the cure for my perfectionist affliction? It's to rethink what it means to be a public intellectual. I am actually a public learner, a co-creator of iterative knowledge, not a deliverer of once-and-for-all facts.
Ultimately, the question before Oxford University students right now is whether they will demand that their university's press hold to the same standards that are required of them.
Democracy depends on honest, fair, accurate debate. Without it, we can't possibly meet today's challenges. And if academic presses don't hold the line -- when fair discourse in the wider culture is in collapse -- who will?
Sexting noun: the sending of sexually explicit photographs or messages via mobile phone The words "retweet", "sexting", and
Experts have found 16 instances where Saif appears to plagiarize academic texts, International Monetary Fund research and
"Irregardless," the New Oxford American Dictionary said in a press release, "we have determinated that 'refudiated' more or less stands on its own, suggesting a generical sense of 'reject.'"
Few trade publishers in America can match the University Press of Kansas's output of distinguished political books. Or Oxford
Save the Words, a new web site from Oxford University Press, seeks to prevent the extinction of words that are endangered due to the their lack of use.
How do male and female friendships differ from one another?