The rapper was allegedly pulled over for window tints before highway patrol officers say they found $75,000 in cash and 31 oxycodone tablets in his car.
Steven Umberto Angelini, a 16-year veteran of the force, gave a man oxycodone and a gun in exchange for cocaine and cash, according to an affidavit.
The family received $4.1 billion in cash between 2008 and 2017 after the company was fined for misleading the public about OxyContin's addiction risks.
Mundipharma, a drug company owned by the Sackler family, used false claims to push the opioid in China.
California, Maine, Hawaii and the District of Columbia are accusing Purdue Pharma of helping fuel the rise in drug overdoses linked to opioids.
As OxyContin addiction spurred a national nightmare, a member of the family that has reaped billions of dollars from the painkiller boasted that sales exceeded his “fondest dreams.”
Federal regulator slammed as Massachusetts sues billionaire Sacklers for pushing OxyContin.
He was also illegally in possession of oxycodone, police said.
The power of painkillers is that they come in amber pill bottles, not little plastic bags. Their precise, factory-shaped contours make it easy for people -- even doctors -- to believe they aren't addictive. But the painkiller epidemic and the heroin epidemic are one and the same. And their addictions are equally horrific.