California, Maine, Hawaii and the District of Columbia are accusing Purdue Pharma of helping fuel the rise in drug overdoses linked to opioids.
As OxyContin addiction spurred a national nightmare, a member of the family that has reaped billions of dollars from the painkiller boasted that sales exceeded his “fondest dreams.”
Federal regulator slammed as Massachusetts sues billionaire Sacklers for pushing OxyContin.
He was also illegally in possession of oxycodone, police said.
Surprisingly, opioids can remodel the nervous system to amplify pain signals even after the original injury has healed leaving
The power of painkillers is that they come in amber pill bottles, not little plastic bags. Their precise, factory-shaped contours make it easy for people -- even doctors -- to believe they aren't addictive. But the painkiller epidemic and the heroin epidemic are one and the same. And their addictions are equally horrific.
According to Dutchess and Parker, Himelrick had been battling a heroin addiction and had been working hard to get her life
More than 6 million Americans abuse prescription drugs, and both the number of prescription drug sales and the number of prescription drug overdose deaths have quadrupled since 1999. Are doctors to blame?
"If your decision to approve Zohydro was based on adherence to existing FDA policies, then surely those policies require
Phil Crane's brother, former Rep. Dan Crane (R-Ill.), also served in Congress. He was implicated in a congressional sex scandal
High schools and colleges across our nation need to be aware of this growing threat and the need to educate students about the dangers of prescription drug misuse along with excessive drinking and illegal drug abuse.
"As I was driving off, I didn't realize that deputy Grady ... jumped onto the side of the truck as I was pulling away ... The
Ever since medicine first figured out how to relieve the horrific pain of surgery with something more effective than a swig of whiskey, we have been on a quest to further prevent and treat all manner of human pain.
Deaths from narcotic painkillers now top those of heroin and cocaine combined. Sept 12 (Reuters) - U.S. Drug Enforcement
"He stated he could fill oxycodone prescriptions all day long if he had the manpower and the inventory," Wehrle said. Florida
In Florida, where 85 percent of Oxycodone was allegedly distributed last year, it was estimated that at the beginning of 2011, seven Floridians died a day from overdoses from prescription drugs.
A Florida woman was found passed out on pain pills in her car while her son played inside a Deltona McDonald's, sheriff's
ME employees also told OIG that the office's lack of professionalism was a "joke," calling internal controls "loosey goosey
A new report issued by the New York state attorney general reveals a staggering 82 percent increase in oxycodone prescriptions
Today we continue our Year-End Retrospective with a look at the biggest news stories of scientific research into cannabis, public opinion polls on legalization, and statistical research on cannabis consumers.