oxygen mask

The "Talk" host said the assistant got the sack because he "showed absolutely no sense of humor" about the situation.
Flight attendants provided an oxygen mask for a French bulldog that was having trouble breathing.
A former flight attendant called out passengers for wearing their masks incorrectly.
You know the in-flight safety spiel so well that you could probably rattle off the instructions by memory. But have you ever wondered why flight attendants are so careful to hammer this information into our brain? And more importantly, what might happen if you didn't follow it to the letter?
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When we are fully absorbed in an activity, the mind tends to get focused and more pointed. "Me" time away from business-at-hand allows the mind to become steadier, quieter, promoting more awareness, harnessing new energy, becoming more attentive.
You know you're supposed to don that oxygen mask, first for yourself and then for anyone who needs help around you. But what's actually in there?
Frequent travelers know that in the event of changes in cabin air pressure, one must put on his or her own oxygen mask before
Cleveland players huddled together with their heads bowed, while Pistons teammate Tayshaun Prince sat silent in his chair