Ozone Depletion

The agency says it’s important to prepare for extreme heat. Meanwhile, administrator Scott Pruitt doesn’t believe carbon dioxide is driving climate change.
This is the scientific story of our planet, and what we have done to it in only a few decades.
How many working people are able to sit through a three-hour call on a Monday morning?
Here are some of the major ways President Donald Trump has changed climate and environmental policy in his first 100 days.
Nearly 4 in 10 Americans live in areas with dangerous levels of pollution, according to the ALA's "State of the Air" report.
Responsible scientists have little faith in untested proposals to re-engineer the earth’s climate system.
The executive order President Trump signed earlier this week to nullify Obama administration climate change initiatives was
This year marks the end of large exemptions for a dangerous ozone-destroying chemical called methyl bromide -- an agricultural chemical then used mainly to kill soil pests in strawberry, tomato, and other vegetable-growing regions.
New research from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center shows that large quantities of a chemical responsible for depleting