pablo escobar

More than 80 hippos in Colombia are the first non-human creatures to be legally considered people by a U.S. court.
Researchers said the creatures could be filling the biological role once played by extinct animals like giant llamas.
Everyone’s abuzz talking about the disastrous Fyre Festival. At this celebrity endorsed festival, attendees were promised
The rapper should have left flowers for the murderous drug lord's victims.
Twenty-three years after Escobar's death, Sebastian Marroquin continues to address his father's legacy.
Within the annals of twentieth century American organized crime there will forever be an elite, short-list of names with unmatched recognition. They are the sinister royalty, a collective brotherhood of infamy.
Colombia finds itself in a deteriorating state. A stalling economy, rampant corruption, lack of civil society, and violence
I considered that my travel dream came true when I experienced the natural beauty and the exquisite wild animal life in South Africa last year. I had saved 10 years for that trip, and the reality of my tour was better than the projections of my dream.
In the months before I went to Colombia on tour, I was reading a book called Salt. Did you know that salt was the most precious commodity since almost the existence of mankind? Salt linked every city, every country, and every tribe for thousands of years before the birth of Christ and thousands of years after.
Couldn't we find a more appropriate costume?
Chapo Guzman's escape further undermines the already wounded credibility of Enrique Peña Nieto and his security apparatus. But more than that, it underlines the futility of the war on drugs and its reliance on taking out "kingpins" while never questioning the flawed prohibition policies that drive the whole bloody mess.
Suddenly surf, sand and fun are replaced with palatial mansions, dazzling jewelry, exotic cars and cocaine. And guns. And murder. A classic tale of innocence corrupted and good vs. evil, Escobar: Paradise Lost, a Radius-TWC release, hits theaters today, June 26.
But not everyone felt Escobar was a monster. As Del Toro notes, there are many in the drug lord's hometown city of Medellín
“Paradise Lost” is one of the many projects surrounding the life of the infamous Pablo Escobar, whose Medellín Cartel terrorized
A herd of hippopotamuses once owned by the late Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar has been taking over the countryside near
Después de mi serie de los "Enchufados de Venezuela en Miami", me encargaron encontrar a Virginia Vallejo, la amante de Pablo Escobar que vive en Miami.