pacific garbage patch

"Some plastic had been in the sea and under the hot sun so long, it turned to powder when I touched it."
The newly identified stone, according to a report from The Geological Society of America, has been officially named plastiglomerate
A look at SoBe’s website lays out the promotion in more detail. Visitors are encouraged to “explore the worlds of Sobe” and
The study’s findings do not bode well for fish, fishermen or their customers. In Hawaii, the commercial fishing industry
Here are just a few of the hundreds of tips I outline in my book that will help you be part of the solution: Collect a stash
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Moore contends that the term "garbage patch" is misleading and that it is more like "plastic soup." Writing in his new book
Much of the global ocean remains uncharted in terms of pollution, but unfortunately the more we look, the more we find. And
The "away" of our throwaway society turns out to be, in part, a giant patch of broken plastic bits swirling around the Pacific Gyres in an area that has been dubbed "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch."