Pacific Islander

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern participated in a Samoan forgiveness ritual, as part of an apology for the country's racially charged "Dawn Raids."
Our project highlighting people who are leading the way forward in the face of trauma and fear in Asian communities across America.
"If you're a white person and you really believe your apology is genuine and sincere, the hard part you need to understand is that you are still not entitled to forgiveness."
Helping co-workers targeted by hate begins by listening -- and not assuming you know what they need.
The program aims to improve pregnancy outcomes for Black and brown expectant parents, who face disproportionately high maternal and infant mortality.
“Openness, connection, a sense of purpose combined with humility — these are what America desperately needs today," the group wrote.
The state's high cost of living and tourism-focused development is making it difficult for some Native Hawaiians to keep their homes.
Rep. Grace Meng (D-N.Y.) heads the group of Asian American and Pacific Islander lawmakers making the request.
"Many Americans remain unaware of the important impact that AAPIs have had on our country,” the New York congresswoman told HuffPost.
Asian collective Gold House released its annual "A100" at the start of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.
Why do some people believe they have to possess a piece of you or your culture — absorb it into their dominant experience — in order to be an ally?
Rep. Ed Case (D-Hawaii) made the remark an event celebrating the Asian-American and Pacific Islander members of Congress.
"You can’t just put an Asian actor in there and expect that, because they show up for a second, you’ve covered the Asian market. That is a joke.”
Fox, however, had the fewest Asian-American regulars in its shows in almost a decade.
I know how it feels to be “different” or “weird.”
I am still struggling to see how the administration has honored the great contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to our nation.
Taylor Armbrester said white students have punched him, kicked him and called him names.
This year, women across the U.S. are facing unprecedented challenges to do the thing we celebrate each Mother’s Day — to