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"Why is female ambition a trait that people are so afraid of?"
Mark Lukach is a writer and teacher who lives in Martinez, CA with his wife, son, and bulldog. He has been published in The New York Times, Pacific Standard, and The Atlantic Monthly, among others, and is publishing a memoir with Harper Wave in spring of 2017.
Findings is a daily column by Pacific Standard staff writer Tom Jacobs, who scours the psychological-research journals to
The guy right in front of you on the plane just stood up before the plane finished taxiing. He's taking out his luggage, forcing
The researchers concede that the data could be interpreted in other ways. They note that it’s possible that “owners select
By Nathan Collins "Over 70 percent of patients have a delay in diagnosis of at least a year" and sometimes a decade, says
A research team led by Alison Jing Xu of the University of Minnesota reports that hunger “is likely to activate general concepts
On the other side of the equation, “Greater use of positive emotion and engagement words was associated with lower AHD mortality
Granted, re-training our automatic impulses in this way has vaguely unsettling overtones of mind control. But given the personal
After controlling for such factors as overall fitness and regular amount of physical activity, the researchers found those
In these polarized times, it’s always a relief to find something liberals and conservatives have in common—even if it has
So it’s both timely and ironic that a newly published study concludes WIC doesn’t just boost the health of young children
That led Jerome Maller and colleagues at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, to look into whether there were structural
There are also animal welfare benefits to cutting back. In a strictly utilitarian sense, the welfare of farm animals comes
By now, you have probably read or heard about the benefits of mindfulness. So why haven’t you tried it? You may believe those
It may sound trite, but the "beauty is beastly" effect "demonstrates a subtle form of sex discrimination," according to a
It's worth noting that this study did not look at who-is-sleeping-with-who gossip, which presumably has a somewhat different
One avenue worth exploring is brain imaging, Stanford researcher Michael Zeineh and colleagues write in the journal Radiology