Even if experts agree that a 4-year-old shouldn't be using a pacifier, that doesn't preclude the general public from minding its own business.
Blood tests from painful heel sticks are common in neonates, but even routine events such as a physical examination or changing
What if your CAPS LOCK button quits? That would give you a tick and a stutter. And if I were to take away your exclamation point -- how might you unleash your venom?
Many parents debate when the pacifier love affair should end. My husband and I have taken a joint position on this one
"I would give every single doctor in this hospital an organ if I could, I told them that." Herrick said. "They saved both
Thalía knows it can be hard to come between a child and his pacifier -- she’s tried it -- but the Mexican star is hoping
Although some superhero babies sleep 10-12 hours straight starting around 3-4 months of age, most infants wake up during the night and cry out for their parents. There are scientific reasons and some developmental and behavioral explanations for these awakenings.
Know that the only thing keeping you from ending the soother reign is your own fear. Fear that your child will always be using a soother. Forever.
I need to rest. If Pacifier and Swing can give me that, then maybe there is a place for them in our home right now, after all. Maybe Swing isn't mocking me. Maybe Pacifier is just misunderstood.