packard plant

The incident gives a new meaning to the phrase "Detroit Tigers."
"Graffiti isn't meant to last forever," Banksy said in a 2010 interview with the Age. "I'd prefer someone draw a moustache
Detroit - -- An Illinois developer is in talks with the Wayne County treasurer to buy the notorious Packard Plant out of
But it's not just the Packard Plant that's changed. It would be difficult to find a contemporary advertisement that spent
A popular Detroit blogger tore down an offensive message Tuesday on the overpass of the abandoned Packard Plant that alluded
Big letters have been placed on the overpass at the Packard Automotive Plant in Detroit that read in German "Work will make
Like a crumbling headstone to a long-dead time, it sprawls over 35 acres of Detroit, a half-mile stretch of broken concrete
The structure is full of asbestos and though often on fire, is too dangerous for firefighters to enter. The city has previously
This is so strange. It's opening day of the 2025 baseball season, but you're not downtown at the Tigers game. You're outside
Since news of the Packard's pending demise was released, the often-photographed plant has attracted a stream of visitors
While Cristini and others have cited the building's historical importance -- it was designed by architect Albert Kahn in
The film's appearance at the Detroit museum amounted to a lucky convergence. After a University of Michigan Institute of