Paddington Bear

The exchange between the "Little Women" star and the storybook bear will turn your heart to jelly.
Studies show that young people are shunning marmalade. Let these Brits explain why it should be saved.
"Thank you very much Mrs. Cher," the fictional bear responded on Twitter.
Children will fall in love with Paddington bear, a migrant without papers who adores marmalade sandwiches and hides away on a boat to travel from his home in Peru to London hoping for a better life.
When Paddington, the movie about the beloved English bear, arrives in theaters this weekend we Americans should be afraid . . . very afraid.
What made you decide to tell the story? I was sitting at home a couple of months ago watching and I went, "Oh my God, if
The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons have been riding high since 1927 when Felix the Cat first took to the skies. As a kid I was fascinated by how these enormous titans were flown through the the narrow streets of NYC, and now as an adult I am fascinated by how they are created. VP of Macy's Parade Studios, John Piper was kind enough to give me an behind the scenes look at the making of these holiday icons. Enjoy the photos!
The Browns -- parents Henry and Mary, along with kids Jonathan and Judy -- took the bear home to 32 Windsor Gardens (an address