paddle boarding

The combination of paddle boarding and yoga makes for a challenging and mindful workout. Here, Paddle Into Fitness owner Gillian Gibree explains why this is a fitness regimen worth trying.
There is so much fear in you. You hope all of your efforts help them find their way. You worry constantly about their wellbeing, their confidence, their health, and their socialization.
Karol Garrison stand up paddleboarding among the Lake Michigan ice floes in St. Joseph, Michigan on Jan. 11, 2015. Photo
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Each trip to San Diego started with the best of intentions. We wanted to visit the famous San Diego Zoo with our three young children. And then we arrived in Mission Beach, and it all fell through, like the coarse gray sand slips through your fingers. We were grounded.
Stand up paddle boarding is in my top three of favorite outdoor workouts. It's such a versatile and functional tool for fat burning and body sculpting, depending on the type of workout you're looking for; you can manipulate your time on the board to focus on core work, strength, or even endurance.
Are you a lady? Do you like paddle boarding? Of course you do! Who doesn't like paddle boarding--wait, you've never heard