Max Montgomery was on a first date with California doctor Andi Traynor when he had a heart attack while paddleboarding.
First thing you have to do is find an out of shape instructor. Even a little bit fat is fine. This isn't easy as paddleboarding burns a lot of calories, but it can be done, and it really takes the edge off having to learn something while wearing a bathing suit.
Another reason to visit Hatteras Island is to camp at two of their National Park campgrounds or a privately owned campground
The first time I saw stand up paddleboarding (or "SUP-ing" as it's known), I was on a beautiful cove in Gloucester, Massachusetts. A young teen was gliding on the water in the distance along the rocky shoreline. It looked both peaceful and freeing--a hybrid somewhere between kayaking and surfing.
Picnic at the summit - We rode chairlifts up to the peak of the mountain where we picnicked at the summit with a packed lunch
Garrison may be from California, but his acceptance of the cold and his zeal for outdoor activities certainly make him an
5. Never go out alone. Tempting as it be may to go out for a solo paddle at sunrise, it’s best to have a partner. For day
Enter glow sticks. "I've had octopus come up while paddling in Key West and hold onto the board," Billy Rossini, owner of
With summer basically here, I like many, have been scrambling to lose my winter coat. While researching some fun ways to do so, I stumbled upon paddle boarding.
"Someone gave me a Cuban cigar, and, even though I don't smoke, I thought it would be fun to light up in the Gulf," he said