Of course if I do happen to see the last game or two of the World Series involving the Cubs, then all bets are off. As to
When the All-Star pitcher was dealt to Boston, it was the fourth time he was traded in six years.
Over Memorial Day weekend The Rolling Stones opened their Zip Code tour by delivering an extraordinarily energy packed set to a sold out crowd in Petco Park, San Diego, CA. Gary Clark, Jr. opened.
The San Diego Padres fired General Manager Josh Brynes from his position on June 22, and therefore opened the search for quite possibly the least-coveted GM position in all of baseball. However, I'm going to pretend I just got the job.
While one of the Padres announcers said he thinks the hat is too big, Torres, who insisted that it didn't feel very different
I love road trips. They're full of possibility; they suspend time like a baseball game and exist just outside of reality. My bags were packed and I looked to the West.
After nine years in the minor leagues, San Diego Padres journeyman Chris Robinson finally recorded his first career major
New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez was suspended through the 2014 seaspn. MLB commissioner Bud Selig released a statement
With a baserunner on second, San Francisco's Juan Perez teed off on pitcher Nick Vincent and launched one to deep center
We can't criticize the fan's passion, but the execution leaves much to be desired. Unfortunately, in his rush to make such
Because the play at third should have been called safe and the play at first should have been ruled an out, Headley would
WATCH VIDEO ABOVE Video via George Whitfield Jr. It went much better than the last ceremonial first pitch he threw. Manziel
With just eight big league games under his belt, Marlins rookie Marcell Ozuna has been getting acquainted with the majors
By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing The MLB Fan Cave was the site of another quirky attempt at laughs this week. The San Diego
Kansas City Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie thought that his stats should be slightly altered after seeing Major League Baseball's
There are a handful of Major League ballparks with the bullpens located in foul territory instead of somewhere beyond the