David Marmel has refused to apologize for the comments, which he's claimed were taken out of context.
These seniors are proving that age is no barrier to ruling the runway.
20-year-old Evita Delmundo, who has moles all over her face and body, was teased for her look and even considered having the moles removed. Now she embraces them and hopes to show the world her newfound confidence at the Miss Universe Malaysia pageant.
"Don't wait to lose weight or until your life is just perfect to make changes. Pursue your dreams right now."
A far cry from the stereotypically cut-throat and ruthless beauty pageants you've heard about, Ms. Senior America is more
Listen to “Something Extra” below: Listen to “Girl Power” below: The first cast recording of the Drama Desk-nominated musical
Ariana Miyamoto is the new Miss Universe Japan. But some say the biracial beauty queen doesn't look "Japanese enough" to represent the country. We look at the nuances of race and nationality, as well as the changing standards of beauty worldwide.
The 60th Miss Amazonas contest ended much like a soap opera in need of a ratings boost Friday.
The Miss Universe pageant is gearing up in Coral Gables, Florida and one of the best parts of the preliminary competition is the National Costume Show. A writer for NPR calls it the ‘Olympics Of Gaudy Excess’.
Pageant -- the 1991 off-Broadway hit about a beauty contest, with the six contestants played by male actors in dresses and wigs -- was a clever, rowdy, dazzlingly funny and quirky musical. In revival 23 years later, Pageant is quirky and intermittently funny; the rest of the allure has gone the way of vanishing cream.
During the Miss America 1984 competition, Williams says she took advantage of the talents she already had. "I sang a song
24 year old Amanda Longacre, A student at University Of Pennsylvania, won the title of Miss Delaware on June 14th but on Thursday was disqualified because of her age.
The annual miss USA pageant aired on Sunday night -- and while miss Nevada was crowned the winner - it’s Indiana’s Mekayla Deal that has captured everyone’s attention.
It is a small sorority of women who can call themselves Miss America. It gets even smaller when you consider how many women of color have won. This week, the sisterhood of Asian Miss Americas has grown to two.
It was a visual picnic just standing in the security lines outside Boardwalk Hall. Svelte long-legged 20-somethings posed in short-short-short dresses in tight-tight-tight glittery material and high-high-high heels.