paid parental leave

"Today, we’re sending a message that childcare isn’t just a community imperative—it’s a business imperative," the Duchess of Sussex wrote.
Here’s why paid leave in Donald Trump’s budget isn’t as good as it first appears.
The bill would have let more parents bond with new children without fear of losing their jobs.
It's a heartening sign of change in the notoriously low-paying restaurant industry.
Donald Trump's insinuation that Second Amendment supporters might be able to "do something" to stop a President Hillary Clinton is part of a disturbing trend that is not without consequences.
Don't confuse maternity leave with me-time.
It's no secret that the United States is the only developed country that does not guarantee paid parental leave for new parents. It's also embarrassing. Although there has been some movement to get more parents paid leave many companies are still reluctant to make it a reality.