paid sick days

* Crystal, Sonya and Rachel are member activists of 9to5, National Association of Working Women. Working women and our families
When I was sick for almost two weeks with a viral sore throat, I did one small assignment when I started feeling better the
2016 was a historic year for adoption of some critically important policies and practices that improve the quality of jobs
I think it is time to address this. Sooner rather than later. Obviously, this description of the "sick role" does not apply
Can we please discuss important policy decisions that have the potential to improve the lives of millions of workers and their families?
It's hard to overstate the problem. When a woman who was denied abortion coverage cannot keep her job because her employer
Why was it so hard for Hillary Clinton to admit she had pneumonia? To take time off from her campaign to recover? To skip the 9/11 ceremony? I understand she does not want to show weakness, especially because she is the first woman running for President.
These women don't know each other, but they both understand the importance of hard work and the toll that financial instability
Opponents of providing paid sick days to the mostly part-time or low-wage workers who previously lacked them made the usual
We have had some good news for working people in the last year, but there are many clouds on the horizon. Workers have a long way to go before they get back their share of the pie and the path will not be easy.
Today is the eighth and final Labor Day the country will celebrate with Barack Obama as its president. As we pay tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our nation, it's well worth taking a moment to appreciate this president's deep and enduring commitment to equal opportunity for women in the workplace and the impact it has had.
Anyone who's worked in a place where being sick means no pay knows the outcome: people come to work sick, get sicker, stay sick longer, and make other people sick.
When the National Partnership for Women & Families issued its first Expecting Better report in 2005, the world was a very
Now that the conventions are over and party platforms drawn up, we can look at what's in store for those giving and receiving care. Whether paid or not, care is a big part of our economy and shapes all our lives.
Just in time for Father's Day, here's what every dad should know about his rights - or lack thereof - in the workplace. If you're still struggling to find that perfect gift, forget the necktie and send dad this list - something he can actually use at work.
The momentum for paid sick days is inspiring. As of today, thirty-two locations in the U.S. have won such policies, bringing access for the first time to more than ten and a half million people.
When organized big business groups pour resources into blocking paid family and medical leave, paid sick days, a higher minimum wage, and other worker friendly policies, they are pursuing a policy agenda that many of the businesses they claim to represent do not support.
For many small businesses -- especially those who operate on razor-thin margins -- they can only afford to offer it if their competition does as well. A minimum standard, which levels the playing field, is essential for small businesses to compete in crowded markets.
Legislation that just passed in Alabama is a sign of things to come.