paid sick leave

Twenty-two states bar cities from mandating paid sick leave.
States are helping workers, even as the Trump administration tries to roll back protections.
“There’s real stigma attached to taking sick time to care for yourself."
Trump promised to help workers, but it’s new state and local laws that are actually making a difference.
More than 41 million private-sector workers in the U.S. cannot earn a single paid sick day.
When I was sick for almost two weeks with a viral sore throat, I did one small assignment when I started feeling better the
We don't yet know everything 2017 will bring, but as we revisit the major events and cultural moments of 2016, it is helpful
I use the term single-mother-by-choice because it disrupts dominant narratives about motherhood and about who can be mothers on their own terms.
There’s still hope and momentum behind paid parental and sick leave.
I think it is time to address this. Sooner rather than later. Obviously, this description of the "sick role" does not apply
Proposed legislation would let victims take care of their health and safety needs -- without worrying about losing their job.
If the new Congress and a new administration want to get off on the right foot with hard-working families, they must commit to policies designed and proven to improve outcomes for young children. This National Work and Family Month, let's hold our candidates to a real commitment to hard-working families by demanding meaningful policy adoption and implementation. It's time to move from rhetoric to reality.
These women don't know each other, but they both understand the importance of hard work and the toll that financial instability
The U.S. stands alone among industrialized countries in having no national paid leave policy. Only 13 percent of workers here receive such a benefit through their employer. While many companies do a terrific job, at least for mothers who give birth, most do very little.